Construction Law

What is Construction Law? It’s a mix of contract law, lien law, surety law, litigation, real estate law, commercial law, and labor law, OSHA, insurance law, and on and on and on . . . When we represent a client in the construction industry, we make it our business to know our client’s business from RFP to collective bargaining agreements, to final payment, down to completed operations coverage.

We provide our clients with the service they need to solve problems that come up during the design, development, financing, and management of construction projects. The firm represents private and public works, prime and general contractors, subcontractors, owners, developers, construction managers, subcontractors, equipment and material suppliers, architects, engineers and other design professionals, sureties, investors, lenders, and anyone else that works in the construction industry.

We help clients take preventive steps, manage risk, and resolve disputes in a practical, efficient, economical, and strategic manner because we understand that helping our clients achieve business solutions strengthens the relationships between everyone involved, and is the first step in preparing, avoiding, and winning a legal war.

Our legal and technical knowledge, and real world "hands on" experience, form the foundation of our ability to efficiently, effectively, and economically, work with clients to limit disputes, and successfully achieve our clients’ goals. We provide the ability to anticipate, address, and resolve project issues – that means we significantly enhance and add value to our clients' bottom line.

We provide counsel on the everyday issues and concerns that arise in the construction industry -- along with the not so ordinary. Our focus involves all phases of a construction project, from pre-development, structuring, finance, pre-construction, construction, and, when necessary, through claims preparation, mediation, alternative dispute resolution, arbitration and litigation of claims. Our mission is to help clients build projects from "Design Concept" to "Final Payment" with proactive problem solving.

A construction law attorneys, we look at the many issues that you may see on a construction project in several broad categories: Structuring, Design, Procurement, Contract Review, Preparation and Negotiation, Contract Administration, Handling Troubled Projects, Claim Preparation, Negotiating Settlements, Dispute Resolution, Litigation, Government Contracting, Debarments, and Insurance. We regularly work with clients through various phases of development, including business planning, financing, preparing proposals, bid protests, contract negotiation, contract administration, claims preparation, alternative dispute resolution, mediation, arbitration, and litigation.

Our knowledge and experience goes beyond construction law, and includes in depth, hands on, practical, construction industry experience. Our clients' businesses span a broad spectrum in the construction industry.